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Fiat Allis Parts

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     Here is a list of some of the Fiat Allis machines that we offer parts for:


10B 460B FD10C FL8 HD21P
10C 460C FD14C FL9 HD31
11B 545 FD14E FR10 HD4
12G 545B FD20 FR10B HD41
12GB 545H FD20B FR11 HD41B
14B 605B FD30 FR12 HD5
14C 645 FD30B FR12B HD5G
14E 645B FD40 FR15 HD6
150C 745 FD7 FR150 HD6B
161 745B FE28 FR15B HD6E
16B 745C FE40L FR20 HD6G
21B 745H FG75 FR20B HD7G
21C 745HB FG85 HD11 HD7GB
260 7G FG95 HD11B M100
260A 7GB FH200LC HD11E M100B
260B 8 FH220LC HD11EP M100C
260EA 840 FL10B HD11F M65
261 8B FL10C HD12G TL12
261B 940 FL10E HD12GB TL14
262B 945 FL14B HD16 TL16
263B 945B FL14C HD16B TL30
31 AD45 FL14E HD16DP  
345 D FL20 HD21  
345B DD FL5 HD21B  
41B FD10B FL7 HD21C  


New, Used, and Rebuilt Fiat Allis Parts available for all major Fiat Allis and Allis Chalmers Machines.  Parts are usually available from one day to the next depending on Availability and how quickly you need them.  We stand behind our parts 100%, so if you are not completely satisfied, please let us know and we will make every effort to meet your needs.  Please give us a call today or email us for all your Fiat Allis and Allis Chalmers needs.








fiat allis parts